What would emotions look like in the visual world? This is a series of posters that represent four different types of basic emotions in English and Chinese languages – Joy, Anger, Sadness, and Fear. The posters also show the connection between emotions and facial expressions in visual form. The design was created in its grid with abstract illustrations, vibrant colors, and dynamic typography. Each visual language works as individual designs on its own. At the same time, all the poster designs work as a system.

Emotions can be abstract and also representational at the same time. The challenge of the project was how to visualize emotions in playful and contemporary design/illustration styles. The research on the connection between facial expressions and emotions was also a challenge but an interesting subject. For example, “Would people have the same facial expressions when they have certain emotions?” I asked myself when I was working on it. Surprisingly, the answer is yes according to online sources from scientists.

English font: Raoul Audouin & Velvetyne Type